Good news | Golden Shell Pharmaceutical has obtained a domestic health food registration certificate

Recently, a product under the Golden Shell Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Chitosan Amino Sugar Chitooligosaccharide Calcium Capsules (Guoshi Jianzhu G20230603) has completed the registration of domestic health food and obtained the registration certificate of domestic health food from the State Administration for Market Regulation. This product has the dual effect of increasing immunity and bone density, integrating our technological innovation and achievements, and is also an important milestone achieved by our company in the field of health food. The acquisition of this certificate will further enhance the competitiveness of Jinke Pharmaceutical in the market and provide consumers with safer and more reliable product choices.

Chitosan oligosaccharide calcium capsule is a nutritional and health product composed of various components such as ammonia sugar, chitooligosaccharide, chondroitin, and calcium. It can help enhance the body's immune system, increase bone density, and is very suitable for long-term lack of exercise or elderly people. The active ingredients, ammonia sugar and chitosan oligosaccharides, are natural substances extracted from the ocean and have good biological activity. They can help enhance the human immune system, prevent common health problems such as colds and other respiratory infections.
Obtaining a health food registration certificate means that Jinke Pharmaceutical's products comply with relevant national standards and regulations. In the future, Jinke Pharmaceutical will continue to leverage its advantages in scientific research and innovation, collaborate with universities, research institutions, and other advantageous forces, comprehensively focus on the goal of developing big health, vigorously promote innovation in health care products, shape brand power, and gain competitiveness.
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