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Provincial Hi-tech R&D Center of Yuhuan Chitin Chitin Research & Development Union Laboratory (Cooperated with Lanzhou Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences )

Tenet: Taking chitin industrialization as the target, union laboratory adopts the method of the joint research and development of government, scientific research and enterprise. It develops chitin products according to the company operation system, which plays an important role in forming intellectual property of chitin products and promoting the industrialization of chitin products.

R&D directions: Guided by market and enterprise demand,basing on the crucial technology of chitin industrialization,we adopt this cooperative method: enterprise provides the fund, government provides aid,scientific research provides technology. In the near future we are mainly engaged in preparing chitin/chitosan with different molecular weight and audiometry for molecular weight, researching chitin/chitosan with different molecular weight and their relationships. We also carry out the research into the application of carboxylation chitosan, biological gel, chitosan for tobacco and chitosan for reducing blood fat.